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Evelyn Vidal-Aladics, Founder

Evelyn worked for 23 years in the medical field, still in school pursuing a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She always strives to help others, even if she is the one that needs help. 

Evelyn started buying and selling diabetic test strips as just a way to make a few bucks, but after meeting so many people who have diabetes (including her mother, mother-in-law, who she was the caretaker of until she passed away from complications of Diabetes, and recently a niece that has Type I Diabetes among other family members. This adventure became a passion, and DSS was born.

Evelyn has lived in Naples, FL with her husband, Steve and her son Nicholas for over 12 years. Her parents also live close by and she is in charge of all their needs.
Steve Aladics, Co-Founder

Steve has been in the marketing field since he graduated from High School in 1979. He earned a degree in Radio and Television advertisement. 

He has been in the concrete business since he arrived in Naples, FL in 2004 and has been very successful in his field. His knowledge in marketing and sales has helped him tremendously throughout his life and career.

He started along with Evelyn, his wife buying and selling diabetic test strips as a way to help people in need. His best friend has Diabetes from a very young age, as well as his mother and grandmother. This makes his genetic  likelihood of getting Diabetes higher than the normal person. DSS was born out of a hobby and has become a passion to help make a difference and save lives. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.
About Diabetic Supply Salvation (DSS)

Diabetic Supply Salvation is a nonprofit organization, family-owned and operated right here in Naples, FL that recycles excess and unused diabetic supplies. We acquire supplies from people who have extras and get those supplies to people who don’t have insurance.

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Committed to saving lives and making a difference.     

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