Diabetic Supply Salvation 

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to helping save lives.
Why you should donate to Diabetic Supply Salvation 

DSS has a simple and concrete mission. We get diabetic supplies to people who don’t have insurance.

We don’t expect to cure diabetes in our life time. We don’t expect to stop diabetes. Those kinds of goals are honorable, worthwhile, and BIG.

On the other hand, our simple goal is achievable on even the smallest level. If we get ONE box of test strips to a person who needs them, we have made a difference in that person’s life.

If you donate to DSS, you will know that you will make a direct and concrete improvement in someone’s life. Maybe even several people. 

Maybe you will save a life.

You could donate money to organizations that use that money to do research, and that would be great. But, when will we see a cure for diabetes? How will you know how much your contribution helped? Ten or twenty years from now when diabetes is cured, you’ll get a good feeling, but how do you know how much good you did?

If you want confirmation of the value of your contribution, we will be able to put you in touch with someone whose life you directly help. Right now.

How’s that for concrete?

DSS sells test strips so that we can keep our doors open. We sell boxes of test strips for about 30% of retail. Your contribution will help reduce that price even further. You will also help us reach more people.