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The DSS Mission

Our goal is to make sure that no diabetic test strip expires.

Hundreds of millions of boxes of diabetic test strips are manufactured each year. Roche makes 33 million boxes per year in their Indiana plant alone. Unfortunately, not all boxes of test strips are actually used. We estimate that that more than a million boxes are destroyed unused, or they simply expire.

There are many reasons that boxes are not used. The good news is that sometimes the person living with diabetes takes control of their eating and exercising habits and defeats the disease. Or sometimes a woman develops diabetes during pregnancy, but is not any more after the baby is delivered. These people may have extra boxes they do not need.

Unfortunately, there are also many not so good reasons that test strips are not used. More often than should happen, insurance companies send many more test strips than the person can use. Or the patient does not test as often as he should. Worse yet, the patient dies and their family members are left with many boxes of unused strips.

On the other side of the coin, there are millions of people living with diabetes that do not have insurance and can’t afford to buy diabetic test strips at retail value. These people put their health at risk by not testing their blood sugar levels as often as they should, simply because they can’t afford it.

DSS believes that all parties benefit from our services. People with extra strips get a few dollars in exchange for otherwise useless strips. People who are uninsured can obtain strips they otherwise couldn’t afford. We are keeping otherwise good product from ending up in a landfill, which helps the environment. Finally, we are making our efforts to help solve the health care crisis in this country, even if it is a small step, and without the government’s help.

If you would like to donate your extra strips, call us at 239-253-5558 or email us today at admin@diabeticsupplysalvation.org

Diabetic Supply Salvation respects your privacy. DSS abides by the Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We will not release or sell your information without your permission.

And it should go without saying, but we will say it anyway: We won’t share your e-mail address or other personal information with anyone without your permission, either.