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Sell Excess Test Strips

There are dozens of for-profit organizations that will buy your test strips. To help keep our costs low, we prefer donations, but we also realize that in order to compete in the market place we sometimes have to buy test strips.

And maybe you just need a few extra bucks right now. We have all been there.

Fill out the form under Contact Us, and we will contact you on how to get these boxes to us and an approximate amount we will pay.

Boxes of test strips must be:

Sealed in their original box. Boxes that have been opened will not be purchased.
We will take boxes with expiration dates as close as one month.

Please provide the following information:

Your Name *

Your Email *

Your mailing address

Your Telephone

Describe the brand, type, and quantity of test strips you have for sale. Include the number of strips per box and how many boxes. Please specify expiration dates as well.

After you submit this information, one of our staff members will get back to you to figure out the best way to get your strips to us.

Brands we will buy 

We can only buy these brands of strips:

OneTouch Ultra
Accu-Chek Aviva, Comfort Curve, and Compact
Breeze 2
Freestyle Lite
Nova Max
Precision Xtra
ReliOn Ultima

We buy these, but for very little money:

WaveSense Presto

Brands we don’t buy: 

Eclipse, Embrace, Evolution, Companion, SureChek, and many other off brands.

Questions? .

If you have any questions, please send a note to admin@diabeticsupplysalvation.org or call us at 239-253-5558

Diabetic Supply Salvation respects your privacy. DSS abides by the Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We will not release or sell your information without your permission.

And it should go without saying, but we will say it anyway: We won’t share your e-mail address or other personal information with anyone without your permission, either.

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